About unlockEd

screenshotThe UnlockEd brand represents a collaboration of professionals from across the Caribbean Region.

These are persons with decades of experience in Education and a passion for helping students, at all levels, succeed. Our team also includes IT professionals who are able to assist us in making the best of education available to everyone.

As this new millennium continues to unfold, technology is changing every aspect of our lives. Education is no exception! UnlockEd is committed to bringing the best of technology and education to students all over our beloved Caribbean. As the MOOC phenomenon sweeps the globe and ‘democratising tertiary education’ is the buzz, UnlockEd is working to make education and success in education available to everyone.

unlocked-aboutThis year we are unfolding our three-pronged strategy to revolutionising education in the Caribbean:

1. UnlockEd Classifieds – A listing of every kind of education product or service available;

2. Unlock Ed Forum – An online community for parents, students and teachers to access, share and discuss information and ideas on improving student success and promoting universal access to all types of education programmes and material;

3. Unlocked Education – An online teaching and learning portal that will change the way we think about education and put the tools in your hands to achieve the highest goals you’ve set for your child, yourself, your student.