Annual Monkey Business Camp


Monkey Business Vacation Camp!

We combine the COMFORT of home with the FUN of camp and the simple projects of childhood with the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Campers will be engaged in activities such as Gymnastics, Football and Athletics as well as Cooking, Arts and Craft and Journal Writing.

As teachers for the past plenty years (over 40 combined), we cannot ignore the need to keep children’s brains just as active as their bodies. Revision is an important part of this camp – we need to keep those thinking wheels turning during the holidays!

The days will be carefully scheduled, allowing time for structured activity as well as much needed free play time and rest. How could I forget the weekly FIELD TRIPS!

This nurturing environment encourages discovery and exploration. Monkey Business Vacation Camp is the PLACE to be!

Here are the answers to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS….

Dates: Monday July 10th – Friday August 11th, 2017
Venue: Alfred Richard Street, St. James
Time: 8:00am-4:00pm (drop off from 7:00am)
Age: 4 (entering Primary School in September)-10 years old
Ratio: will not exceed 1 teacher to 10 students
Outings: One per week
$700 weekly
$650 weekly for 3 or 4 weeks
$600 weekly for all 5 weeks and for siblings
**(includes ALL activities EXCEPT weekly outings)

Breakfast, lunch and snacks available upon request – $100 per week…
(Breakfast and lunch prepared fresh, daily by Miss King’s mother…)

Fill in the registration form below to book your space!

**If you’d like to meet with us and see the place in St James that can be arranged too! Call or What’s App Miss King to arrange.**

​Thank you for choosing Monkey Business!
We look forward to having wonderful time over this holiday….

​Monkey Business Vacation Camp Team
​344-2334 – Miss King
735-7290 – Miss Laurence
757-6076 – Miss Auguste
399-3922 – Mrs. Stuart-Joseph

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