Camp STREAM for Ages 5-18


Are you ready for Camp STREAM?

SIX Weeks of Academics, Activities and Adventure to prepare our kids for the new academic year.
JULY 10TH – AUGUST 18TH 2017. 9AM – 3:30PM. Ages 5-18.
$800./ child.
Primary Group:
Level 1, Ages 5- 7
Level 2, Ages 8-10
SEA, Ages 11 – 12
Mathematics, Language Arts, Creative Writing.
Secondary Group:
Level 3, Forms 1-2, Mathematics, English A, Science and Social Studies.
Level 4, Forms 3-5,
Mathematics, English A, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, HSB, Social Studies and POB.
Register from June 1st , upstairs Docs Hardware, Diego Martin. Call 760-8112.

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Contact Details:

Phone Number: 760-8112

Email Address:

Address: Upstairs Docs Hardware, Diego Martin

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